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Why choose SIRY as your battery supplier? God, there are too many battery suppliers in China!

I know there are many battery suppliers in China, here is our advantages:

1, For a battery pack, the most important part is :Cell and PCB, sometimes maybe have case.

A, Cell is the most important part, the cycle life, the safety performance, the warranty...

We have our own cell factory, but we also can offer imported cells and cells from famous brand.

We can test all the cells to make sure they are qualified before packed to be a battery pack.

B, PCB : we have our own PCB factory, we know more about PCB.

If you want to buy our PCB, you are also welcome.

2,  R&D ability:

We can handle difficult OEM cases , maybe tooling the mold, tooling the PCB, draft a battery solution to your idea...

Most importantly, we keep on developing new batteries, chargers, power banks according to market.

If you are fresh in this area, pls follow us, we will help you know more about this industry and market.

If you are expert in this area, you may get some new products from our company.

3, Certificates:

We have UL, CE, KC, CB , UN38.3, PSE certificates for some existed models.

If we don't have, we can also afford certain percent certification cost.

4, what we do is to offer customers integrated battery solution, not only a certain product.

Most of our team members have been worked in battery industry for decades, we have the ability to do so.

You need a battery, we can provide you a battery, and with a charger;

We can handle all shipment problems with the least cost.

5,  We are highly customer-oriented and trying to provide the best service. MOQ can be discussed and the lead time can be shortened if necessary.




Phone: +86-18144631780

Tel: +86-755-89995107

Email: sales@sirytech.com

Add: 2nd Floor, NO.30 of Joint Logistics Engineering Base,Jintian Rd, Pingshan District 518118, Shenzhen City.

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